Ina, Certified ECE & IT

   My name is Ina. I am a dedicated and passionate veteran Early Childhood and Infant Toddler Educator of over 25 years.

   I love getting to know all the children as individuals and using various mediums to promote their learning and development. I strive to make meaningful connections with parents and always appreciate the relationships that are built with families through the program.

   My name is Evelyn. I am a licensed Early Childhood Educator with more than 6 years of experience. I graduated from the Early Childhood Educator program from Vancouver Career College in 2012. I love working with and watching children grow and learn.

   Some of my favorite activities include music & rhythm, and doing themed circles. I have a passion for using techniques best suited to children’s needs. I am happy to be part of their learning experience. 

   I have met many families over the years and stay in touch with many of them after their children have moved onto kindergarten. And I am excited to connect with the many new families who will be joining us here at CCCC. I am kind and approachable and enjoy talking to parents about their children.       

Evelyn, Certified ECE

Josie, Certified ECE

   My name is Josie.

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